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 I sent this resume to several companies that I was interested in applying to roles within my industry. Immediately I received several email requests from recruiters to interview, and therefore I feel that without the services from Spark Your Resume, I doubt that I would have received the quick response from recruiters. I am pleased with the help of this team as I know that the resume services they provide are very professional and have impacted my search for employment, which I know is going to be a successful one.
Gloria Obeseki
Account Executive at Starz
The process with SparkYourResume is very transparent. With a higher price rate than some of the competitors, it can be difficult to decide on them, but I ended up with a very well done resume and have been getting much more call backs since having my resume done.
Bailey Nichols
Founder at Boundless Designs in Engineering
Great people to work with! They stayed in contact throughout the process, responded to any questions very quickly, and took the time to get to know me and my professional history. All of this combined to deliver a resume that was a vast improvement over what I was using previously. I've always created my resume myself (and thought I did a pretty good job), but now I realize what a REAL resume looks like.
Timothy Hartley
AVP, Commercial Loan Officer at DFCU Financial
Leander and the Spark Your Resume team is an exceptional group. The “Spark Your LinkedIn” service is a spectacular resource for those who are intentional about their professional social presence. We had a pre and post-call and even touched base during the process. The Spark Your Resume comes highly recommended!
Joshua Akins
Accounting Associate at Draffin Tucker
Leander Howard, the CEO of SparkYourResume, is as good as they come. I had the privilege of working with him personally to enhance my resume. I am more than satisfied with the final product and look forward to working with him in the future. His professionalism and work-ethic is unmatched.
Miles Cleveland
Cloud Engineer at Oracle
Great services for a great price. Helped me land a job with a 25% salary increase in comparison to previous position! Very grateful to the Spark Your Resume team for their hard work on not only my resume, but also my LinkedIn profile. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their career opportunities.
Phillip Johnson
Area Manager at HelloFresh
The team was a pleasure to work with in the process. The updated resume helped me obtain a 40% pay raise and understand my true worth in the job market. It was definitely worth the investment!
Dan Sura
Project Manager at ATN Hoelzel LP
I was exceedingly pleased with the services I recently received at Spark Your Resume. With more than 20 years in my current career, my resume neither reflected my most recent accomplishments nor had the impact needed to compete in a crowded and competitive job market. I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and obvious expertise in the field. After intently listening to my objectives, Leander recommended the Mid-Career/Executive Level package, which was an excellent choice for my needs.
Dawn Hayden
Respiratory Specialist at AstraZeneca
The Spark Your Resume team was through and quick to respond with a quality product. The details added to my resume provided content that set me apart from my peers, and I was able to get a job 5 weeks after getting laid off due to COVID-19. Thank you team for setting me up for success, making sure I was prepared, and providing me the proper tools I needed to be able to close my next adventure quickly.
Chris Campigilia
Sr. IT Internal Audit at Barnes & Noble, Inc
Spark Your Resume assisted me with revamping my resume and tailoring it to emphasize my strengths. This allowed me to gain several interviews. Spark Your Resume then helped me with interview prep and discussions before my interviews. All their help allowed me to gain several internship offers. I HIGHLY recommend utilizing Spark Your Resume in your career path/search.
Camiel Grant III
Consultant, Simpler Consulting an IBM Company

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Your resume is the key to unlocking an award-winning career!

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