March 6, 2021

How To Write A Strong Bullet Point

How To Write A Strong Bullet Point

Creating an effective resume that will show recruiters why they need you at their company is tough which is why Spark Your Resume is here to help. When our Resume Consultants work with you to craft your perfect resume, we’re focused on highlighting the value you bring to each and every role.

Even if you can sell yourself in an interview, so many people seem to miss the mark when it comes time to do so on paper. 

Your resume bullet points need three main components:

  1. Strong action verbs.

You want to own each task or project completed within your role, and strong action verbs will help you do just that. Replacing phrases like “Responsible for” with “Spearheaded” or “Initiated” will make you stick out!

  1. State the task/project completed at a high level.

List what you did in the role, your tasks, objectives, etc., and, when possible, briefly include how you achieved it. If you used software or a specific technique, now is a great time to show the recruiter this. 

  1. The outcome/result with a qualifying metric to highlight impact & growth.

This shows how you contributed to the overall growth of the company and the success of the project. Avoid using your resume to list out day to day responsibilities and instead focus on the ways you added value during your time. 

Yes, taking the time to go through each bullet point on your resume and upgrading it is tedious. But it gets results. Try approaching it this way if you’re running into a stumbling block:

Thought: Think about your role within the company at an executive level or from a managerial POV.

Ask: If I didn't complete my duties, how would that impact the company?

Answer: That is exactly how YOU contribute to the overall growth of your organization or company. This is what you should highlight in the bullet point.

Remember, your resume is an overview of your greatest accomplishments, skill sets, and leadership capabilities. It shouldn’t be a laundry list of daily responsibilities you worked through. It’s your time to show recruiters and hiring managers the value you can add in your next role.

If you’re ready to Spark Your Resume & Career, head to to schedule your free 15-minute consultation now!

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