January 15, 2021

LinkedIn 101: Foundations

LinkedIn 101: Foundations

To some, the platform is daunting. To others, it’s annoying. Yet some seem to have mastered it–making connections, developing relationships, landing jobs daily. Regardless of which category you might be in, Spark Your Resume is here to provide you with all the tips & tricks you need to navigate LinkedIn like a pro. Welcome to LinkedIn 101: Foundations.

In order to be a LinkedIn champ, there are a few foundational things to take care of first. Let’s begin with your profile basics. Below is our quick checklist to help you make sure you’re making the right first impressions!

  • Profile Picture 

While profile picture etiquette has grown more relaxed over the past few months, it’s still vital to have a recent photo that clearly shows your face. Profiles that have headshots are 14x more likely to receive profile views and 36x more likely to receive messages.

  • Strong Headline

It’s the first thing people see after your picture & name; it’s your 120 characters to sell yourself. Madeline Mann has a killer formula to make the most of this space:

 Your Role | Your Industry | Your Unique Value

Avoid using “Seeking internships/jobs” in your Headline; there are more effective ways to let recruiters know you’re available (and this article explains why to avoid this phrase in depth).

  • Name Pronunciation

The name pronunciation feature is a fantastic and much needed new tool LinkedIn recently added. Currently, it can only be added to your profile through your mobile app. So often we accidentally mispronounce someone’s name(s) or have to sit through someone mispronouncing our own; this addition provides a solution and opportunity to get it right the first time (and every time after).

  • Profile Summary 

There is no perfect way to fill out your summary on LinkedIn and chances are you’ll have to update it again soon...but the more comfortable you are with your narrative, the easier this section will be. Questions like:

Who are you?

What do you do? 

What do you want to do? 

What have you done? 

What are your skills? 

This should be answered in this section. 

  • Profile Visibility

On the upper right-hand corner of your LinkedIn profile, there is a hyperlink that reads “Edit public profile & URL”. 

As you edit your profile visibility, there are a few things you should definitely check off your list: 

  • Personalize your URL to optimize your searchability. 
  • Turn your profile’s public visibility On if it is Off.
  • Select “All LinkedIn Members” or “Public” for your profile photo.

We suggest making everything from your LinkedIn profile visible on the internet, but it is up to you to share as much as you feel comfortable with. 

The five tips above are a quick, easy way to spark your LinkedIn profile - and this is only the beginning. 

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