July 6, 2020

Why our Founder & CEO Started Spark Your Resume

Why our Founder & CEO Started Spark Your Resume

Why I Started Spark Your Resume

I always say “To obtain a job is a job.” I say this because I know what it feels like to apply for 100+ jobs and receive 100 NO’s. I know what it feels like to doubt your own capabilities and believe you aren't qualified for a role. I know what it feels like reaching the final round of interviews and being told, “Thank you for your consideration, however, we will be moving forward with another candidate.” That was my experience until I received my first full-time offer post-graduation from AT&T in December of 2019.

I have always been passionate about helping others advance their career and reaching their lifelong professional goals. For these specific reasons, I decided to create a platform that guides individuals through the process of obtaining their dream job. On March 23, I officially launched Spark Your Resume, an online resume writing and career advancement services company.

Building your professional brand is something I began to take into account during my junior year at Georgia State University. Georgia State University is an institution not targeted by most “elite” companies. Understanding that my university is a non-targeted school made me realize that students like myself interested in working for a big name organization or company must grind three times as hard to stand out amongst the competition. When searching for new opportunities, professionals must ensure their resume, LinkedIn profile, interviewing skills, and network are top tier.

The reason Spark Your Resume exists today is because I am extremely passionate about helping real people obtain real results through professional branding and development. I am building a platform informing undergraduates, entry-level, and mid-career professionals on the importance of creating and maintaining their professional brand. Spark Your Resume was built for the people and will always remain for the people.

What is Spark Your Resume?

I started Spark Your Resume with one goal in mind; to help real people obtain real results through career advancement. Through our services, we help undergraduates struggling to obtain internships and full-time opportunities along with entry-level and mid-career professionals transitioning between careers.

At Spark Your Resume, we walk with you step by step through the process of obtaining your dream job with our services:

Resume Enhancement:

  • One-Page
  • Keyword Optimized Resume
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Verified
  • Proper Grammar
  • Tailored to your Career Field

LinkedIn Profile Development:

  • Keyword Optimized Profile
  • Professional Branding
  • Recruiter Friendly Profile
  • Attracting Recruiters and LinkedIn Members

Interview Coaching:

  • 1-on-1 Interview Consultation
  • Mock Interview
  • Best Practices and Tips
  • Tailored to Specific Job

Career Consulting

  • 1-hour job searching/ strategy session
  • Tailored towards your specific industry 
  • Leverage our network of Professionals and Hiring Managers 
  • Identify your career path

Spark Your Resume wants to help YOU make your professional goals a reality.

Spark Your Resume believes by tailoring your resume towards your specific career industry, creating an attractive LinkedIn profile, and conducting mock interviews will provide a solid foundation for you to successfully land the dream job you deserve.

Since we launched, we have helped 120+ clients improve their resume, increase engagement via LinkedIn, land interviews, and secure internships and/or full-time positions.

Schedule a 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your professional background, short and long term career goals, and how our team at Spark Your Resume can help you reach success here:

-Leander Howard II

Founder & CEO, Spark Your Resume

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