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April 24, 2021

Top Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job and How You Can Avoid Them

Top Mistakes People Make When Looking for a Job and How You Can Avoid Them

Many people can begin their job search feeling overwhelmed and may accidentally overlook some important steps and ideas when going through the job searching process. We are here to help you avoid these mistakes and be the best candidate you can be.

1. Not connecting with the recruiter for the specific department in which you applied on LinkedIn

Doing this can greatly help your chances of either getting selected for an interview or getting the position. This will show that you are interested and put in extra effort to let the company know this. Try searching for the most closely related employee you can find. If you can find for example the marketing hiring manager or recruiter for a company rather than a general hiring manager you may be more successful in getting hired.

2. Not knowing the salary for the role/ position you are applying for before interviewing

It is possible in an interview that the interviewer will ask for your desired salary. You should have an idea in your head given your experience and based on what other people in similar positions at similar sized companies are making. You do not want to accept a lower offer than you deserve especially

3.Not updating your LinkedIn profile and resume before applying

When applying for jobs you never want to have to retroactively be updating your resume and LinkedIn. Make sure you are prepared. If a job has a tight deadline you never want to be scrambling at the last minute. You also never want to apply for a job knowing you need to update your LinkedIn. You never know when an employer may look at it (it could be sooner than you think).

4. Not personalizing your CV specific to the role/company

Companies want you to want to work at their company. Make sure your cover letter demonstrates this. This is your opportunity to show more than just the basic information on your resume and show who you are and that you have done enough research to know why you want to work for their company.

5.Not being confident

When looking for a job people often forget that even though they are the ones being interviewed, you also are in the process of ‘interviewing’ companies to see where you are the best fit. Do not take a job just to take it. Make sure it is a place you feel you will be comfortable, successful and happy.

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