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June 18, 2021

Why Hiring A Resume Consultant Is Worth It

Why Hiring A Resume Consultant Is Worth It

Ok- we admit we might be biased, but we do see real results every day. At Spark Your Resume we are always working towards finding the best ways for you to achieve your goals. If you don’t believe us, at least give us a chance to explain. A lot of people tend to think they have a solid resume and you might. However, until you actually meet with a resume consultant, it is difficult to realize the kinds of elements you may be missing or didn’t even consider.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you trying to reuse the same resume for each job you apply to? 
  • Is your resume easy to read, clean and organized? 
  • Do you know the appropriate resume length given your work experience?

It is a resume consultants’ job to think of all the things you can do to stand out and score that interview and job you deserve. A resume consultant will sit down for multiple hours and carefully go through your resume and create a resume that is the best representation of yourself. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think hiring a resume consultant is worth it:

  • Time- We know life is busy, especially if you are trying to find a job or transition to a new one. On average it is recommended to spend anywhere between 4-8 hours putting together your resume. Can you honestly say you are giving your resume the time and attention to detail it deserves? Leave it to us instead!
  • Beating the bot- Are you aware of what applicant tracking systems are? When choosing to work with a resume consultant at Spark Your Resume, they will ensure your resume is compatible with an ATS. This is critical as more and more companies are increasingly using this technology to weed out applicants. 
  • Storytelling- One thing we pride ourselves on at Spark Your Resume is our ability to tell our clients stories through their resumes. Your resume is more than just what you did at your last job. We work closely with you to artfully enhance your professional brand. 

Our goal at Spark Your Resume is to work with each client to create an individualized resume that showcases your best skills and to help you land a job 3x faster.

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